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Build your very own personalised number plate with our online number plate builder. Simply enter your existing or dream new reg. You can preview your custom number plate on a vehicle, and search to see if it is available to purchase as a Private Number Plate on New Reg.
Valid Formats Include: ABC 123, 123 ABC, ABC 1D, ABC 123D, A12 BCD, AB12 CDE, 12 AB.

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If you’ve ever wondered what a personal registration might look like on your car, or want to try out some styles before you buy your number plate, we can help. With the Number Plate Builder here at New Reg, you can benefit from a quick preview of your dream reg on a car today and choose from our smart selection of customisation options to make it your own.

Our innovative Number Plate Builder tool has been developed to allow you a glimpse into the future and can give you a good idea of how your chosen plate will look once you attach it to your car. Simple to use, in seconds you’ll be able to see your number plate in place on a selection of vehicles, from Fords and Ferraris to Mazdas and Minis.

To get started, simply enter the registration you’re planning to purchase and pick a vehicle make and model from our drop-down list. When you’re ready to see the results, just click on ‘view’. The car you’ve chosen will now show your new private number plate.

Our registration plate builder can not only allow you to see what your new personalised number plate will look like on different kinds of cars, but it will allow you to test out a variety of customisation options before you commit to buy. There are specific laws laid down by the DVLA concerning the characters on registrations, along with the plates themselves. In order to ensure they can always be clearly read, these regulations include the size of the number and letters displayed and the reflective material they are displayed on. You might not realise this, but despite these strict laws, it’s still possible for you to add a little personalisation on your plate.

With the Number Plate Builder, you can preview your new plate registration with a range of font styles, including standard, hiline, carbon and the latest 3D effects. While UK number plates must always be white with black characters at the front and yellow with black characters at the rear, you can still add a little colour with a national flag. See what your reg would look like withan iconic Union Jack, a blue and white Scottish Saltire, a red and white George Cross or a red Welsh dragon on a green field. You can even see what your reg would look like with a neat black border added to frame your private number.

Style up your registration today and make sure it’s perfect before you purchase.

Can you change the spacing on a number plate?

Whether you have a standard issue number plate or one that’s personalised, it’s illegal in the UK to change the spacing between the alphanumeric characters displayed on your plate. The DVLA has rigid measurements that must be adhered to concerning not only this spacing but the margins between the characters and the plate’s edge. If you don’t stick to these rules, you risk failing your MOT or paying a fine. These laws are designed to ensure number plates are always clear to read by both members of the public and the authorities.

How will a new number plate look on my car?

While looking at personalised registration online helps you imagine what it might look like on your vehicle, there’s no substitute for seeing it displayed on your model of car. That’s why we created our handy Number Plate Builder tool. Not only can you see what your chosen plate will look like displayed on a great selection of makes and models, you can even try out some customisation that keeps within the legal registration requirements and still adds your own personal touch.

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