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To find a list of private registrations that meet your requirements, just indicate the desired number of digits, letters, or numbers. This search method is particularly useful for potential investors who are seeking affordable cherished dateless plates..

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Prefix Private Registration Plates

Prefix number plates are a popular and eye-catching style of vehicle registration. They were issued between 1983 and 2001, and the prefix indicates the year of registration. The first letter on the plate signifies the year in which the vehicle was registered, followed by a unique combination of numbers and letters. Prefix plates have become highly sought after due to their distinct design and age-related significance. Additionally, they offer personalisation options for drivers looking to add a unique touch to their vehicles.

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Suffix Private Plates

Suffix style registration plates were introduced in 1963 and were in use till 1983. The registration plates comprise three letters, one to three numbers, and a final letter indicating the year of registration, starting with "A" for 1963, "B" for 1964, and so on. If you are interested in purchasing a suffix private plate, you can utilise our easy-to-use suffix plate builder that provides instant results at an unbeatable price. With our platform, you can customise your plate by selecting your preferred letters and numbers to create a unique registration that reflects your personality. Our suffix plates are high-quality and legal for use on UK roads, so you can be sure of getting a great value for your money.

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Current Style Car Registrations

The existing style of number plates is made up of seven characters. It starts with two letters, followed by a two-digit number and ends with three more letters. These registration plates can still be used to spell out words, for example: DE51 RED. This type of new number plate allows for a much larger number of combinations compared to the previous versions that were available before 2001. However, the letters "I" and "Q" are not allowed, but the letter "Z" can appear as part of the last three characters.

Number Plate Legal Rules and Requirements

Number Plate Legal Font - Charles Wright

The mandatory font specified in the Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001 is the Charles Wright font. It is illegal for any vehicle being used on the public highway to have a number plate which does not conform to the usage of this font.

Download the Charles Wright (UK Number Plate Font) here.
Motorists whose vehicles bear number plates, which have been customised by means of stylised letters and figures such as italics or the placement of number plate fixing bolts must replace them or risk prosecution.

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Number Plates Font

Number Plate Font Size and Display

All number plates must be made using the new mandatory font size and display requirements.

Please note: The images on this page are for reference only and may differ from any products actually received. Any queries must be raised prior to ordering your acrylic plates.
Number plate rules

 All vehicles (except motorcycles) manufactured after 1 January 1973

Characters Size
Height 79mm
Width 50mm
Stroke 14mm
Side margin 11mm
Top & bottom margin 11mm
Space between characters 11mm
Space between groups 33mm


Characters Size
Height 64mm
Width 44mm
Stroke 10mm
Side margin 10mm
Top & bottom margin 10mm
Space between characters 10mm
Space between groups 30mm

Vehicles Manufactured before 1 January 1973
  • The number plates may be the traditional "black and white" style plates, i.e. white, silver or grey characters on a black plate.
  • Lettering must be of a set size. Vehicles(except motorcycles) must conform to group 1 or 2 below.
Characters Group 1 Group 2 Motorcycles
Height 89mm 79mm 64mm
Width (except the number 1) 64mm 57mm 44mm
Stroke 16mm 14mm 10mm
Side margin 25mm 11mm 10mm
Top & bottom margin 13mm 11mm 10mm
Space between characters 13mm 11mm 10mm
Space between groups 38mm 33mm 30mm
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