Sell a Private Registration

Sell a Private Registration

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Sell a Private Registration

At New Reg we can offer you expert assistance when it comes to number plate valuation. With extensive experience gained from thousands of transactions, we’re ideally suited to manage your sale. Thanks to our specialist knowledge of trends in the private plate market and our adept sales advisers, you couldn’t be in better hands when you want to reach more buyers and get the best price possible for your plate. We offer a free registration valuation, after which you are under no obligation to sell through us.

To sell a private number plate on your own can be both a frustrating and time-consuming task. Attracting buyers and spending time answering questions and conducting viewings can be tiring and tough on private sellers so we’ve created a personalised service designed to keep things simple. If you’re looking to sell a number plate you no longer want or require, we’d be happy to help make the process as straightforward and smooth as possible.

The first rule of selling a personalised number plate is to get an accurate assessment of how much it’s worth. We provide a simple-to-understand valuation form that’s free to use and takes only seconds to complete. Just enter the private registration you wish to sell and add your contact details in the field provided. As soon as you click “request valuation” our team of professional sales experts will get to work.

As soon as their appraisal is complete, our dedicated team will contact you with a quote. Together, we’ll agree what your private plate is likely to sell for and when you’re satisfied with the selling price, we’ll advertise your reg right here on our site for interested buyers hunting for their ideal plate.

If you select to sell your private number plate with us here at New Reg, you’ll benefit from our impressive site traffic, with thousands of potential purchasers checking out your registration showcased in a premium slot. We hope you offer us the opportunity to work with you on your number plate sale but, if you choose, you’re more than welcome to take our registration valuation and conduct the transaction yourself.

How do I value my number plate?

It takes time, patience and plenty of research to value a number plate. There are many factors that affect the price a plate may fetch, including age, demand and current market trends, as well as studying what similar plates have sold for previously.

How to sell a number plate

Selling a number plate is easy as long as you know what to do. By coming to us here at New Reg, you will get a free valuation for your plate. Once you’ve agreed on the amount you’d like to receive for your registration, we’ll list it on our website. This means showcasing it to hundreds of thousands of potential buyers. We’ll then deal with the full transaction process, including collecting payment and transferring plate ownership.

What makes a number plate valuable?

The two main attributes that make a number plate valuable are age and demand. Older plates are generally shorter and don’t feature an age identifier. This dateless quality can make older number plates timeless classics that many are willing to pay good money for. If a registration is in demand - for example if it features a popular name or well-known word - many people may compete to own it, driving up its value.

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